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I know there's been a bit of a hiatus on the blogs here but there's been quite a few things going on such as work trips interstate and finalising quotes/proposals at work. It hasn't stopped me from writing things and trying to give value to those interested in analytics but I have primarily been doing so on LinkedIn. In any case, here's a list of some of the things I have put up on there and you can check them out if you have a moment.

Firstly, I started with 2 articles which looked in-depth at how to start off with your first analytics application using financial data. I was surprised and gratified by all the positive comments and gestures from those that found value out of this and I'll endeavour to share some more.

The first of these articles highlighted how to get data from the great financial website Quandl (www.quandl.com) and in particular (after scouring the site for what to look at, I stumbled upon the great data from Sharadar). Take a look at the article here on LinkedIn;


This article was mainly about how to get the data, load it, do some simple charts and interact with it using QlikView visualisation software.

I followed that up with an article showing how you can tidy up the looks and appeal of this report. This is important because we often need to be drawn towards insights via pattern recognition or well designed charts. Numbers alone have much less of a chance at showing us what we need to see so users were shown in this article how to make their reports look even better:



I also ended up buying a nicer microphone to be able to record these sessions on, Found that the best priced and featured one for studio recording that (after hours of review/study) was the Blue Snowball microphones and I chose this one (LINK)

And with a few takes I was able to put together the following videos:

and another one here:

Anyway, that's all for now. I'll put more of these how to videos up online soon but until then. Enjoy these ones I've created so far.

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